Who We Are

We Provide Immediate Attention to Your Interim, Executive Search or Educational Consulting Needs

We draw from an extensive network of state and national professionals to meet your specific requirements.

We offer you a single point of contact assigned to your specific project and committed to its successful completion.

We provide advice and guidance based on years of experience in California Community Colleges, but we don’t dictate or insist on any particular approach. We listen to you and our solutions are customized for your institution.

PPL Leadership

PPL is a company of experienced, professional educators dedicated to helping California Community College administrators and trustees select effective interim executive managers, select and retain permanent leaders, and hire expert consultants when specialized knowledge and experience are needed. We understand community colleges and how to work with boards, faculty, staff, students, and communities.

Diversity Statement

PPL understands and actively engages in using the full potential of every individual on our college campuses as an important part of our work with colleges and college districts.

PPL understands that fostering diversity is not only about the numbers. It is about embracing inclusiveness, as well as the individual and collective contributions of the entire college community and system. PPL believes diversity goes beyond the “right thing to do”; it is advancing the intellectual capital of our colleges/districts and the people who administer, teach and serve the diverse community college students who attend our colleges.

PPL believes the strength of any college/district is its diversity and we are committed to the interaction of different perspectives and skills as being a critical dynamic in the growth and success of all colleges, as well as the critical role it plays in addressing leadership challenges.

Our Mission

PPL sustains a leadership position in the provision of executive search services as well as placement of interim employees and consultants. As such, PPL is recognized broadly and consistently by capitalizing on the diversity and strengths of trustees, administrators, faculty, staff, and students and the value of their participation in the educational setting.

Core Values

PPL operates on the basis that the community college enterprise is one of the most powerful tools society has—to educate and train students as well as to improve communities. Our core values help explain who we are as an organization and the way we want to be perceived. This commitment to the community colleges is expressed by the following:

  • Respectability (Respected and Accountable): We are grateful for the professionals that represent the organization as consultants and temporary employees as well as our client districts. With a goal of consistently seamless and smooth operations, we have a series of systems we follow to ensure we can respect our client’s objectives and maintain the accountability of our team. We pride ourselves on having a reliable and dependable team—one that we and our client districts can count on.
  • Passion: We are PASSIONATE about community colleges and the people within them—those who the colleges serve, those who work for us and those who work with us. We believe that by having a positive impact on anyone with whom we come in contact, we can make a powerful difference in the success of our consultants, our temporary employees and, most importantly, client districts.
  • Communication: At PPL, we strive for timely and clear communication with our representatives and our client districts. Our goal is to respond to phone calls and other forms of contact in an effective way to ensure we are providing the best service.
  • Confidentiality: The preservation of confidentiality in all our communications is paramount to our success.
  • Experience: The provision of effective and efficient service is based on our partners’ successful community college experience and the broad range of highly qualified and experienced current and retired community college executives who comprise the PPL cadre of professionals who make themselves available as consultants and temporary employees within the community college system. Good is simply not good enough. Our client districts’ experience with PPL should be nothing short of excellent.
  • Focus: At PPL, our main focus is on the client and that client’s needs throughout any given service.
  • Evaluation: Evaluation is key to maintaining excellence in service delivery. Our goal is to be unique, to be easy to work with, and to provide our clients with the best opportunities for success available to them. We are constantly considering and communicating about how to improve, how to be better!

Community Colleges in California have used our services, and we are proud that many are long term partners. We enjoy a national reputation with a focus on California, and constantly strive to promote the firm and our interim administrators and consultants, and search candidates by:

  • Providing professional development to employers and employees
  • Distributing information about new developments in the field
  • Maintaining relationships with community college associations
  • Tracking California Community College CEO openings, changes and IMG_1231retirements
  • Serving as the leader on STRS and PERS requirements for retirees
  • Mentoring clients that are seeking expanded educational opportunities