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PPL Inc., is a full-service educational consulting firm that has been serving community colleges since 1978. The principals of the company are successful executives  with a rich and successful history of service in the California Community Colleges.  PPL Inc. initiated the interim market using successful retired community college executives in 1978.  This service has expanded to executive searches and providing educational consultants from an extensive pool of retirees and executives seeking to experience career growth.  Most community college districts in California have used our services, and we are proud that many are also repeat clients.

We recruit nationally but focus on California.  We support California Community Colleges by:

  • Participating in statewide conferences so we are on the cutting edge of new trends and issues
  • Providing seminars and information sessions
  • Maintaining alliances with community college associations and services to advance the mission of the California Community Colleges
  • Tracking California Community College CEO openings, changes and retirements
  • Taking a leadership role on understanding and distributing information about STRS and PERS requirements for retirees
  • Mentoring clients seeking to grow in their community college careers